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What is the HP partner program?
  Affiliate credit
  You can gain real money by refering players to The Hacker Project. Every time one of your players donates, you get 10%. You have numerous banners to choose from.
  You can convert affiliate credit to ingame donations or Gold accounts.
  You can add affiliate credit and use it any time you like, just like a donation. For example, you could add $15 and use it when you need it ingame in 3 x $5 conversions, regardless of servers, rounds or commander ids. It's easy, just select a server, search for a commander and "voila". The bonus of $3 for every $5 converted is still there.
  The Hacker Project round prizes are payed to your affiliate account.
  You can upgrade your affiliate and earn up to 30% of Golds / donations your players sent to The Hacker Project.
  Highly recommended for players that want to help The Hacker Project by advertising or donating. The Hacker Project will guarantee your affiliate credit. Every transaction is logged in the settlements history. Adding credit with paypal is instant.
  For any problems, questions, please send an email to:, or ingame to e(#1)